Tuesday, 31 January 2017

7 Best Motivational Podcasts On iTunes

Motivatioal Podcasts
Looking for some inspiration and motivation to start off 2017? These podcasts may be just what you’re looking for.  From interviews with top motivators and movers and shakers to plain old great advice. You are sure to find at least a few that are perfect for you. So, if you really want to get organized, improve your life and have some fun, check out one or all of these. You’ll be glad you did.

1. The Chalene Show with Chalene Johnson
This one has great content and inspiration about business as well as personal. Chalene is very easy to listen to and has a happy, friendly personality. The most recent podcast discussed getting organized and increasing production for the new year.

2. The Charged Life with Brendon Burchard
Brendon is a bestselling author and the creator of Experts Academy. He reaches out to people regularly on You Tube, Facebook and by this podcast. His advice varies a lot which is great and he covers topics such as: high performance, meditation, family, love, and many more. His podcast is truly one of the best.

3. Happier with Gretchen Rubin
Gretchen is the author of The Happiness Project, a bestseller on how to improve your happiness on a daily basis. In this podcast, Gretchen interviews people on the finer points of happiness and good habits. She is very motivating and friendly too.

4. The Quote of The Day Show with Sean Croxton
Sean was known for his health inspiration through Underground Wellness and lately he started up a podcast with inspirational daily quotes. Every weekday, Sean has a quote of the day he plays and then discusses. These are great quotes from people like Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale.

5. The Daily Boost with Scott Smith
Scott has daily motivation tips that are usually under 15 minutes. If you need a quick boost to your day this one is easy to fit in. He covers topics like finding your purpose, building your future from past lessons, and exploring possibilities.

6. Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod
Hal is the author of the book series, The Miracle Morning. In this podcast he interviews people on how to make life great. From morning rituals to making money to caring for others, he covers it all.

7. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes
Lewis is another bestselling author who inspires and motivates people. In this podcast, he interviews people who have achieved greatness in some way and are willing to share with others. This podcast is one that is on many lists of the best podcasts for 2017. This is truly worth your time.
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Monday, 30 January 2017

How To Create Work Life Balance When You Work At Home

Whether you have a home-based business or are employed by a company that doesn’t require you to come into an office, working from home can have many benefits, including a more flexible time schedule. Managing your time efficiently will play a large role in creating a healthy balance between your work life and your home life.

Set regular hours.
When you have a job that allows you to work from home, it can be tempting to change your schedule from day to day for maximum convenience. That strategy can actually backfire. While one of the advantages of working from home is a schedule that allows you to adjust to the demands of life, you’ll actually be more efficient if you set regular hours for yourself. However, you don’t have to necessarily work a traditional nine to five. If you do your best work in the afternoon or evening, carve out time for work later in the day and use your mornings for other activities. If you are a bonafide morning person, use those hours while the rest of the house sleeps to accomplish the bulk of your work. You may even find that working non-traditional hours allows you to get more actual work done with fewer interruptions.

Create a dedicated work space in your home.
If your goal is to create a balance between work and home life, you should definitely have a dedicated space in your home that is used solely for work. Depending on what you do, you don’t have to have a separate room just for your job. It may be as simple as a small nook that fits a desk, computer and other necessary supplies. Plus, creating a separate space for work signals to others in the house that you are “at work” and shouldn’t be disturbed. Sure, you may sometimes find yourself returning emails on the couch, but a space to act as a home office will help you compartmentalize the different aspects of work and life.

Plan your time in advance, leaving room for flexibility.
Efficient planning may be even more important for people who work from home than those who work in more traditional environments. The very nature of being at home while you work opens the door to a lot of distractions. Who can get work done when there are dishes in the sink or that home project that you didn’t get to over the weekend? Using a product from STARTplanner will help you organize your tasks for work and home, keeping you on course. You can also set goals, track your finances and plan days off. With custom options, you can control how your day, week, month or even year looks for both work and play.

Know when to call it a day.
One of the hardest things to do when you work from home can be putting work away. When work is always there, it may be difficult to shut down for the day and focus on your family, friends and home life. Adopt the mindset that when your day is done, you won’t be tempted to check one last email or make one more phone call. Whatever your hours, give yourself credit for the job done and allow yourself to put work away. Remember that a healthy life requires balance.


How To Write A Thank You Note That Will Make An Impact

In today's world, the act of writing a thank you note is becoming a lost art. People send a quick "thank you" email to show their gratitude--or mention it briefly in conversation, then never bring it up again. There's something personal about taking the time to sit down and write a thank you note, making it one of the best ways to show your gratitude. Sound like fun? If you're ready to get started, here's some tips on writing the perfect thank you note.

When Should you Write a Thank You Note?

Of course, you don't have to write a note for every little favor. But if someone gives you a surprise gift, helps you out of a tight spot, or performs a special favor, a thank you note won't go amiss. Thank you notes are also a great way to thank people for birthday and holiday gifts. But at the end of the day, there aren't any "hard or fast" rules about when to thank somebody. If you think that someone deserves your gratitude, that's the time to write a note.

If you just celebrated a holiday and need a way to keep track of the gifts you received, you might want to invest in a SMARTplanner. A personal planner is also a great way to remind yourself to write thank you notes to you friends and family.

Formal or Informal?

Ultimately, it's up to you how formal or informal your thank you note will be. If you're writing for close friends or family, they might expect--and even appreciate--a bit of informality or humor. But if you're writing to a stranger, it's better to remain formal, with a certain level of professional distance. Purchasing a card is a great way to add a formal touch to your note. Pre-made thank you cards are available, but they tend to feel impersonal, so make sure you add your own personal note.

What Should I Include in the Note?

A good thank you note is simple, sweet, and direct. You don't have to gush about the other person or pepper your note with lots of flowery language--simply tell the other person what their gift or gesture meant to you. You can send your note through email, but handwriting your note gives it a truly personal touch--and a handwritten card is something that they're likely to keep. Make sure you sign your note at the end. A thank you note might seem like a small gesture, but it offers the simple gift of gratitude: something that the recipient is sure to treasure.
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Saturday, 28 January 2017

4 Easy Steps to Network Like a Boss at Parties

Networking is either a fabulous way to increase your work and business connections or the quickest means of making yourself feel like a failure. People who network successfully know how to make connections pay off for them. Those who struggle with this important life skill can benefit by implementing a few key strategies taken from the playbooks of people who understand the game.
How To Network Like a Lady Boss

1. Have a Gameplan

Sure, you go to parties to have fun, and that should be one of your goals. Your other goal should be gathering and organizing information about the people you meet there. This is one way that your STARTplanner will help you. Use it to keep track of where you go, whom you meet, details about their interests and any other tidbits that might help you connect with them later.

2. Ask Questions

Networking often means introducing yourself to strangers without much preamble. While you might think that the best way to make an impression is to give everyone as much information about yourself as possible on your first meeting, this can actually backfire. Partiers might interpret your self-focused holding forth as conceit or boasting. A better approach is to ask questions and get others to tell you about themselves. Remember the details that they share about their lives and work in order to make note of them as soon as you get the opportunity and while the conversation is still fresh in your mind. Learning about people's work, family and leisure interests will tell you much about how best to interact with them in the future. Having a systematic method for retrieving facts about individuals will impress them next time you share conversation.

3. Find Out How You Can Help Them

That's right, your goal is to see what you can do for others that will make you valuable in their eyes. If you hope to discover ways that people can help you further your goals, you must be willing to make yourself useful to them as well. Mutual benefit is key. Even if someone doesn't seem to have anything to offer, never forget that when you score a new contact, you are potentially meeting everyone they know in the bargain. Make yourself available to help them in order to open up a wider network by way of referrals.

4. Facilitate Introductions

Review your STARTplanner prior to every function to refresh your memory on the information you have stored there for anyone you know who might be in attendance. Keep this knowledge in mind as you work the room and make a point to introduce others for their mutual benefit. This value-added action will lead acquaintances to view you in a positive light if they are ever in a position to assist you.

Successful networking means more than showing up and hoping for the best. The payoff comes from planning, organizing and implementing your strategy for building lasting connections.


Friday, 27 January 2017

Why Travelling Makes You More Motivated In Life

A lot of people thinks traveling as something intimidating. Most of them believe that going abroad is not worth the expense, especially when they have had bad experiences before.

Also, they perceive traveling as a thing for the adrenaline-junkies, the adventurer, the wealthy and the young. Others think that it is merely just for the sake of people's vanity, and only for their social media followers to like. And because of these, they choose to stay at home and slack on their couches rather than spend their time off from work in another country.

Nonetheless, the desire to travel and stroll is an innate characteristic of every human; we have reached this stage of evolution because our ancestors were moving places to survive. Steve Jobs even went to India to get enlightenment before he built Apple.

If traveling is not on your motivation list, hope this short list will enlighten you.

  1. Traveling gives you time to appreciate the things around you.

One reason why people lack motivation is that they feel like they are too sick and tired of everything that they just want to quit. Those who wanted to quit their jobs, drop out of school or worse, end their life, didn't have time to appreciate the things around them.

They forgot why they were there in the first place and what got them there. They forget to realize that not everyone has the opportunities that they have and that no matter how hard life is, there will always be people who would be there for them through thick and thin.

They are too tired to experiment and think that they will forever be the same person they were yesterday, like being in a cage where they could never be free.

Traveling gives you time to appreciate the world, your life, and the things around you. When you see the scenery, the smiles and joys in people's face no matter how simple they are; you will realize how fortunate you are to live life the way you do right now.

Traveling is the ultimate remedy for people losing gratitude in life and themselves.

  1. It makes you appreciate yourself.

Aside from delighting in the things around them, what most people in the world lack is an appreciation for themselves. Being ungrateful about who you are is one reason why people lack motivation.

A lot of individuals put their value on their Facebook likes or Instagram followership, which is so wrong.

There is nothing wrong with being active on social media, but it should not be the measurement of one's self-appreciation. You can have everyone's likes but still, continue to be depressed. The basis of your value doesn't depend on how many people likes your photos or posts; it is all about your personality and the real you.

It is so easy for people to believe in virtual reality- it's nothing but imagination. Almost everyone has learned to be diabolic liars; not because you look happy in social media you are happy in real life.

Travel abroad, take pictures, memories, and experiences but don't spoil the happiness you received. Not everyone will like the angle of your photo or shots, probably because they are just envious of you so they can only be mean commenters. You don't have to look perfect just to be appreciated.

Admire yourself the way you are.

  1. It gives you time to think about where your life is going and what you genuinely want in life.

Traveling is an escape; it lets you look at your life in a different perspective. Traveling makes you temporarily abandon the things that matter now so you'll know the things that would matter later.

Traveling allows you get out of negative space.

It is the best time to look at yourself from an outsider's standpoint. Have you ever taken a chance to ask yourself, how you're doing?

You have to find value in things around you and the things that you do. Replenish the joy and passion you once gave your work. Think if what you're doing now is something you would want to do for the rest of your life.

You can't count on tomorrow for it never comes, as they say, so don't wait for another day to pass by before you make up your mind.

If you are unhappy, find the reason why you are unhappy. Write it down in your planner where you can see the reasons and to always remind you how to avoid it or move on from it.

Ikigai is the Japanese term for life's purpose. And knowing your Ikigai will guide all of your decisions in life. Finding your life's purpose isn't going to happen overnight. It will be a push and pull, but listening to your heart and your intuition will lead you there.

Travel and wander around, and you might just stumble upon your purpose.

There's no greater achievement than to know where you are ultimately going.

  1. Traveling gives you time to strategize.

If you already know what you want to do for the rest of your life, you should strategize your way there. Don't jump into the cold water of uncertainties, be sure of your steps, because the difficulties might kill your passion.

Take time to plan things out and take baby steps towards your dreams. You don't have to start grand, for great things always start small.

Traveling allows you to get out of the office walls and the time you have will be more than enough for you to soul search and strategize.

  1. Traveling gives you idle time to slow down and be creative.

Traveling also gives you time to be idle and to forget all the hustle and bustle of commute, work and anything about "adulting."

Idle time can bring you space for creativity and lets you slow things down. Finally, you can enjoy your coffee; its aroma, and taste.

Slowing down lets you see the beauty of life and all the things around you. Staying in the bath tub and listening to music, while you drown your skin in herbs or anything to treat your skin.

Your idle time is key to your next million dollar idea.


Traveling is not about the destination, but the experiences and realization you bring with you as you excitedly come home.  Traveling is an excellent source of lasting motivation, and the awareness you bring with you can powerfully turn your life around.

Roam with new eyes, mindset, and heart. Stroll, wander, trek mountains and restore your inner motivation. Want to plan your next trip? Pick up one of gorgeous planners and get started budgeting and planning. Happy planning!

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Thursday, 26 January 2017

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Workout

Increasing the effectiveness of your workout is important for avoiding hitting that dreaded wall. Yet, squeezing the most out of every second gets challenging as your body gets into shape. Fortunately, all it takes is a few small tweaks to maximize the benefits of your daily workouts.

Stay Focused In Your Sessions
Spend just a few minutes at any gym, and you will quickly notice which people allow distractions to interfere with their workouts. While it may seem like a great idea to work in a phone call while you are on the treadmill or quickly check your email between sets, these types of activities stop you from paying attention to your body. Instead, choose to focus on your breathing and notice how your body feels as you progress through your workout. This helps you to identify whether or not your exercise routine is ready for an upgrade. If necessary, write down potential distractions in a to-do list before you start your workout so that you will not be tempted to try to do them out of the fear that you might forget.

Schedule Workouts As a Priority
It happens every day. People buy a pair of running shoes or join a gym with the best intentions, yet they never show up for more than one workout or two. This is because life does keep going, and your responsibilities will quickly overshadow your desire to get in shape. That is, if you don’t make working out a priority. Grab a day planner, and start putting your workouts on your daily schedule. Seeing it right up there next to your company meeting or child’s school play establishes it as a priority. So go ahead and use a pen, there’s no need to just pencil it in. Working out should be a permanent part of your schedule.

Track Your Progress
Once you start scheduling your workouts on your day planner, you can also use it to track your progress. Next to your workout reminder, write in how many laps you swam or how many reps you did at your new weight level. Weigh-ins and race times are additional stats to include in your planner. As you look back at your previous stats, you will see a pattern of progress that serves as motivation to keep striving for higher challenges. The confidence boost you receive after achieving a new goal also makes it easier to decide that working out is worth every minute.

Reward Your Efforts
Planning little rewards for your accomplishments reinforces desirable behavior. However, it is important to avoid rewards such as food that interfere with your goals. Instead, upgrade your planner after a month of solid workouts or purchase a new set of workout clothes when you master that boot camp class. Having a reward to strive toward is an excellent motivator for pushing past those little hurdles.

Fitness is a state of being that is only achieved through hard work and dedication. Getting the most out of your workout begins with simply showing up and putting your entire focus on how it is affecting your body. Then, wrap up every session by jotting down a few notes about your progress so that you can enjoy looking at all that you have achieved. By making your workouts a priority, you will always know that you are doing what it takes to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
Don't Forget to have FUN!


5 Tips On Becoming A Better Public Speaker

Becoming a better public speaker puts you at the forefront of professional events, and being able to communicate effectively with an audience fills you with confidence. Yet, as anyone who has ever watched a bad speech can attest, public speaking requires a specific skill set that must be honed with practice. As you prep for your next speech giving opportunity, use these tips to demonstrate poise and professionalism as you speak before a crowd.

Observe Professional Speakers
Watching known orators give a speech is a great way to pick up body language and voice control skills that demonstrate confidence. Gather a few videos of past presidential speeches or attend a conference and take notes as you observe the speaker. Since many of the best public speaking skills are subtle, you will need to pay careful attention to how they walk, stand and speak to find out what keeps the audience interested.

Join a Public Speaking Group
Nervousness about speaking in public eases up with practice. For this reason, it is important to find opportunities to practice your skills in a supportive environment. Community groups such as Toastmasters are filled with people who will give constructive feedback in exchange for an audience. Colleges and professional training schools also offer classes in public speaking that are often designed with a slat for those who are interested in using them to boost their career.

Review Your Notes Before Speaking
In high school, you may have memorized your entire speech before presenting to the class. However, focusing instead on remembering your main points will make your speech more natural than rote memorization. Use your STARTplanner to store a list of the main concepts that you want to cover. Then, spend a few minutes going over it before you start your speech. If your speaking platform has a podium, you can even bring it along since a professional cover will just make you look more prepared. Just remember to only glance down quickly so that you never appear as though you are reading from a script.

Mingle With the Audience
A well-executed speech should resonate with the audience. If possible, spend some time before your speech mingling with the people who will be listening. This allows you to develop a warm rapport that eases your nervousness while helping to build a connection with those who are in the audience. You may even discover a need to adjust the tone of your speech or add in a small segment that addresses common questions.

Jot Down Glows and Grows After Each Speech
Every speech you give is an opportunity to stretch your oratory wings. Revisit the notes that you wrote down in your STARTplanner. Then, add in what you felt went well with your speech along with any areas in which you need to improve. Before you give your next speech, look over your glows and grows to remind yourself of simple strategies to improve your speech such as making more eye contact or moving on when the audience looks bored.

Mastering public speaking gives you confidence in any situation. Whether you are making a toast at your best friend’s wedding or prepping for a corporate event, a little effort makes a big difference in your overall impression. By arriving for your speech on time and prepared with what you want to say, you can step before the crowd with full confidence that they will be hanging on your ever word.


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

10 Dr. Seuss Quotes That Will Rock Your World

We all know Dr. Seuss, whether it be from reading his books as children or seeing his words quoted all over Facebook. Seuss is one of the most beloved writers of all time. Over the years his work has been adapted for TV, movies, stage, and even a theme park. His words have touched millions of lives. Here are ten (of the hundreds) of Dr. Seuss’ best quotes that will blow your mind and inspire you to be your best self.

1. “You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

2. "A person's a person, no matter how small."

3. “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go.”

4. “Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.”

5. “With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet, you’re too smart to go down any not-so-good street.”

6. “I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!”

7. "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."

8. "Life's too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forgive the ones who don't and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said it'd be easy, they just promised it would be worth it."

9. “If things start happening, don't worry, don't stew, just go right along and you'll start happening too.”

10. “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”

Dr. Seuss’ words provide a simple wisdom that motivates as much as it comforts. There is always something to be learned by listening to Dr. Seuss and other great writers. Make the most of your daily commute by downloading and listening to these bright minds and other personal development books on audible.com. We at STARTplanner know that being inspired is the first step to getting stuff done, so get inspired and get organized!


Monday, 23 January 2017

10 Reasons You Should Put Down Your Cell Phone At Dinner

The cell phone is now a common device to see at the dinner table for both children and adults who want to enjoy entertainment and stay updated on their social media accounts. Unfortunately, too much cell phone use can make it easy to have your relationships suffer as you disconnect from the real world. To become motivated to put your phone down at the dinner table, there are a few reasons to discontinue using the device as you eat.

1. Connect with Your Family

You'll get the chance to connect with your family and strengthen your relationship once you put your phone down. You'll enjoy making conversation with one another and sharing more about your lives to ensure that you cherish the time that you spend at the dinner table and can make new memories.

2. Problem Solve

Shutting your phone off when you eat dinner will allow you to find solutions to problems that you may be facing. You may have challenges in your personal or professional life, which can be easier to problem solve with extra time that you have to think as you enjoy your meal. You'll learn to work through challenges and learn how to find solutions without unnecessary distractions.

3. Reflect on Your Day

Without the use of a cell phone, you'll get the time to reflect on your day and reminisce on special moments or occurrences that allow you to evaluate your life.

4. Create New Goals

You can find success in your life by spending the time creating new goals at the dinner table. Cell phones can make it difficult to focus on the future and where you're headed, making it important to make use of the time by writing down career goals that you can begin working on achieving.

5. Plan Your Week

It can be easy to have a chaotic and unorganized schedule when you're always spending time on your cell phone. Foregoing use of the device at dinner can allow you to plan your activities for the week with a lifestyle planner that will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed with meetings or appointments that are scheduled.

6. Enjoy Your Meal

Take the time to enjoy each bite of your meal and the flavors that you taste by shutting off your smartphone and stopping to smell the roses.

7. Remain Present

Make it a point to disconnect from your cell phone at dinner in an attempt to remain present and focus more on the now.

8. Give Your Eyes a Break

Many people spend time in front of the computer at work and head home to sit on their cell phone, which can cause the eyes to become strained. Give your eyes a break by focusing on your home decor or other objects that are around at the dinner table.

9. Entertain Your Guests

You can connect with your friends or neighbors by inviting them over to dinner where you can spend time talking and laughing over dinner.

10. Read a Book

Relax with a good book while you eat to ensure that you can increase your knowledge on a specific topic or escape in a novel and expand your imagination.


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Benefits Of Writing Your Goals Down On Paper

 The results are in, and according to Psychology experts like Dr. Gail Matthews, the odds of achieving your goals improve considerably after you write then down. One study from the Dominican University of California reported that you are 42 percent more likely to accomplish goals that have been written down in some form.

Aside from the statistics, many successful public figures have advised people on the importance of mapping out your dreams. So exactly what is it about writing down goals that improves a person's chances at success? Here are five of the most probable reasons.

1. It Helps You Clarify the Goals.

The first step to achieving your dreams is to define what they are. Some people might have just one simple goal in mind that they are ready to go after. Others might have several goals in mind, whether they are related to each other or not. Writing down your goals creates organization and clarity.

2. It Helps You Create a Specific Plan.

The more specific your plan is, the easier it will be to follow through. Don't make the mistake of creating a vague goal and then stumbling through it. When coming up with a plan, you can make a list of objectives that will lead to goal accomplishment. For instance, if you wanted to lose weight, you wouldn't just write down that you want to lose weight. Create a list of objectives to lose weight, such as coming up with a daily exercise plan and finding a good diet plan.

3. It Forces You to Commit to Deadlines.

You are more likely to follow through with a goal when you are committed to written deadlines. For each objective, you can figure out a doable timeline that you will answer to. This will ultimately keep you on track.

4. It Keeps Track of Your Progress.

This is important for keeping you focused on your goals. Maybe the biggest obstacle to achieving a goal is when people lose track and flounder in their commitment. They can get sidetracked, lose interest, or become exhausted in pursuit of a dream. However, when you have a written list of what you want to do, you can actively check off everything that you have accomplished. This can serve as a morale booster for you. When you see how much progress that has been made in pursuit of a goal, it can inspire you to keep going.

5. It Commits You to a Mental Contract.

Anybody can think up a goal in their head, but psychologically speaking, people don't feel as responsible until they write it down. Writing a goal down means you now have physical documentation to answer to.

Once you decide to write your goals down, then it becomes a matter of finding the best way to document it. You can use a day planner or an organizer, something that will serve a keeper for your goals. Figure out what is the best way to document your ideas and then go through with it.


Friday, 20 January 2017

5 Reasons Why Working Moms are Superheroes

We know that being a working mom isn't easy. Juggling work meetings and conference calls with soccer practices and band concerts takes dedication, effort, and amazing organizational skills. Just remember that when you're as goal-oriented and strong-minded as you know you are, nothing is out of your reach. Once you learn how to balance those seemingly endless tasks you are unstoppable. STARTplanner is an easy way to establish this total control and stability over your incredibly hectic life.
1. You Stay Up Late and Wake Up Early
Since becoming a super-mom you might miss the easy days when sleeping in was an option. Now, your morning consists of rushing the kids to school before putting your game face on to prepare for another day of hard work. There might even be times when you think that you can't handle a single more minute of work before you pass out from exhaustion, but somehow you keep trucking onward. Being a bomb mom is all about sacrifices, and you certainly take many of them.
2. You Are an Amazing Multi-tasker
Helping your kid with reading while pulling together an impressive proposal for tomorrow's meeting might not seem possible, but you did it. If there were an award for handling far more tasks on a daily basis than you should, you would win first place. Between cooking, cleaning, working, scolding and occasionally socializing, it's a suprise you haven't crashed and burned yet. Luckily there's a small place in between all of those things for love and laughter, and that makes it all worth it.
3. You Remember Everything
Like an elephant, you have the awesome ability to remember what groceries you need for the rest of the week, your kid's appointments, and countless other things. Of course, you have a little help from STARTplanner, but no one has to know that. Your spouse, family, and friends will watch in awe as you remember important dates without fail as you take care of the kids and hustle too.
4. You Have Endless Patience
Watching your little ones make a mess of the house you just spent hours cleaning isn't exactly good for your mental health, but somehow you are able to remain composed day in and day out. You might spend many days out of the week trying and failing to concentrate on work as your let out random screams and screeches. Being a mom is sometimes like being a zookeeper of little monkeys, but at least you're an animal lover.
5. You're Still You
After everything that parenthood has put you through, you haven't lost the core aspects of you. You're still an incredible woman with big dreams and aspirations, and a person who will stop at nothing to achieve success.


Thursday, 19 January 2017

How To Break The Ice With Anyone [Network Like A Pro]

Are you shy? Do you consider yourself an introvert? Do you avoid social situations? You are not alone. Millions of people share these same struggles. Keep in mind, these are not necessarily negative attributes. If you are happy and content, there is no cause for concern. “If it ain't broke, don't fix it.” However, if you are feeling isolated or your career is suffering due to shyness, it may be time to shake up your life. With a few simple tips, some practice and aid of  STARTplanner, you will be able to break the ice with anyone in no time.

First impressions

Even if your insides are turning to mush, pull your shoulders back and stand straight. Good posture exudes confidence, but keep it natural or you run the risk of looking robotic.

A smile automatically invites a smile in return. Practice in your mirror at home until you are able to smile naturally. A forced smile is an automatic turn-off. Most people hesitate to interact with someone who resembles a Cheshire cat or a grinning psychopath.

Many people are hesitant or uncomfortable with the act of shaking hands. However, in the event someone extends a hand in greeting, it is proper to accept. A firm handshake is a sign of confidence. Firm is good. Bone crushing is not. Keep the shake simple. There is no need to pump the person's arm as if you are attempting to draw water from a pump. Practice with your spouse or close friend until you are comfortable with the gesture.

Remember names

Recalling someone's name makes the person feel important and in return, prompts them to be more interested in you.

Some people seem to have a natural ability to remember names. This may be true, but chances are they have practiced a few tricks to improve their memory. Repeat the person's name when you are introduced. For example: "It is very nice to meet you, John." Use their name in conversation whenever possible without sounding forced. If appropriate, it may be helpful to exchange business cards.

Maintain eye contact

Maintaining eye contact with the person you are conversing with demonstrates interest. However, it is important to realize there is a difference between appropriate eye contact and staring a person down. Remember to blink. Feel free to occasionally glance elsewhere, but avoid scanning the room as if you are searching for a means to escape. Focus on the person, or group, you are involved with.

Avoid chemical crutches

While it may be tempting to brace yourself with a glass of wine to fortify yourself before a social gathering, this is rarely a good idea. If alcohol is served at the event, sip slowly. It is important to remain in control. You want to be remembered, but for the right reasons.

Use your STARTplanner to record the event as soon as possible. There is a simple joy in placing pen to paper and the actual act of writing may improve your memory. Add pertinent people into your contact list. Make a note of things you want to remember. As silly as it may sound, rate your performance. What were your strengths? What needs improvement? Remember, this is an ongoing process. Do not expect to become a social butterfly overnight.


Spiral Cover Reattaching or Reinforcing

For all of our spiral bound planner users we wanted to pass along a neat trick that one of our Facebook group users shared with us if you are having a little trouble with your back cover! Personally we love and adore spiral planners. We could go to perfect bound but if we did that you could never enjoy the benefits of folding your book in half and the beauty of them! 
 As you continue to check off your to-do lists and cart your planner around with you, you might start to notice some gaps between the coils and the planner. If you are someone that keeps your planner in place or take really good care of your planner this may never be an issue at all!
But if you are like us and go 110 mph a lot and tend to show your planner some love here is an easy way to secure your spiral bound planner or reattach your back cover if it is giving you an issue.  
You can either reattach the cover and push down on each prong to lessen the gap or you can do this cool trick (watch video below). The latter is our preferred method as it is a more permanent fix and we thought a video was the best way to show and demonstrate this. 


Threading it through! 

What it looks like from the outside. 


Here are a couple other things that we suggest in order to keep your planner in tip top shape throughout the year:

  • ALWAYS close it from front to back. 
  • When traveling, take extra care by placing in bag or providing extra protection.  
  • Don’t stack heavy objects on or around spiral. It makes them not happy. 
  • Keep in cool and dry place…watch out for those coffee spills. 

And remember to rock it out!!!! Woot! 



Tuesday, 17 January 2017

How To Get Your Money Back On Track… Create A Budget

Creating a budget is not as daunting as it appears. It only requires a quick run-down of your income and expenses, and the best day planner to record your spending habits. Using a day planner for your organizational needs will make all of your tasks easier to accomplish.

Begin your budget by listing all of your sources of income. If you receive a designated monthly salary, it should go at the top of the Income column. If you are paid weekly, record the income as you receive your paycheck. Date each record. Place your expense column next to the income column. Your expenses will be mixed; some will be fixed (they occur every month, like rent or a mortgage payment), and others will be variable (like the utility bill).

Each time you spend money, list it in the expense column. You will have all kinds of totals, some as little as $1.50 for a soft drink, some as large as several hundred for a car payment. This first month as you record, try not to total columns, instead work on developing the habit of keeping a record. This is where the best day planner will be your ideal place to make your records, because you keep your calendar at your fingertips all the time.

At the end of the month, total your columns. This will allow you to see where your money is flowing out of your checking account. Reconcile these columns with your bank statement to ensure that you have recorded each transaction. Debit card purchases are the easiest to forget, as well as those ATM withdrawal fees that whittle away at your balance.
To create your budget, set your spending limit for each expense. If you want have more month (bills) left at the end of your money, you will need to cut expenses to meet your obligations. When you see where your money is spent, you can decide where to cut back on spending. Miscellaneous expenses like car repairs or maintenance can make a big dent in the finances but are often forgotten when making a budget. This is where recording each transaction for three months will pick up all the little expenses that are irregular.
Beginning in your second month, as you record an expenditure, subtract the total from your income. Compare this total with your bank account so that you can stay balanced, and to make sure you haven't missed a needed subtraction from the account.

If you do not have a checking account, this is another place your day planner will serve your needs. Use the envelope system; place an envelope in the back of the planner with your cash allowance inside. Paper clip to the cash a note identifying where it will be spent. When you run out of cash, you have spent all you can on that category and will have to pull from another if you continue to exceed the limit.

Making a budget is as simple as following your money, setting your limits, and recording your transactions to keep yourself on track. After you have completed a few months of records, you can begin to plan for a big outing or stock purchase to celebrate your budget adherence and the savings you have acquired.


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Want To Be An Entrepreneur? 3 Reasons On Why You Should Start Now

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Jumping into the dark abyss of the unknown is a scary act. But if you have the desire to experience freedom while earning an income at the same time, entrepreneurship can be the jump that you need to take to get to the life that you want.
Entrepreneurs Need To Get Their Hands Dirty To Succeed

As adults, we will spend 40+ hour weeks doing some form of work. Many people hate that they have to spend an inordinate amount of time doing something that they hate. This doesn't have to be you. If you're thinking of taking the entrepreneurial plunge, here are three reasons why you should have started that journey yesterday.

  • You Control Your Destiny

    When you work for someone else, you're at the mercy of bosses and a faceless company that doesn't care about you. Your bosses decide if they're going to hire or promote you. They decide whether they will fire you. They have control over the 8+ hour days that you spend at the office. Not to mention that whatever happens in your office rarely stays in the office. What happens at work often affects your home life. Office politics are a total bummer when you're trying to hang out with your BFFs at happy hour.

    In exchange for your time and work, you get a paycheck. It's even worse if you feel that the money is not worth all the aggravation. What is all this aggravation for, anyway? We're no longer in a time where you work for your employer for 25 years, then leave with a gold watch and a pension. If you want a pension or some guaranteed income into your advanced years, entrepreneurship may be the pension plan that you need.
  • You Control Your Freedom

    Time: Once it's gone, you're never getting it back. Your time is extremely valuable and you need to treat it as such. When you're an entrepreneur, you have more control over your time. If a family or life emergency comes up, you can decide that work will go on the back burner. Entrepreneurs can decide what constitutes a life or family emergency. Is your niece graduating high school across the country? Is your favorite music artist playing a music festival in Europe? Go right ahead! Entrepreneurs don't have to ask some mean boss for time off. You're the boss!
  • You Possess Unlimited Earning Capabilities

    When you have a 9-5, your boss determines your salary before you even start your first day. You might get a raise or a promotion, but you might not. For most people, their earning potential will eventually get capped.

    If you become an entrepreneur, earning millions of dollars is far from guaranteed. However, true entrepreneurs have a burning desire to take their business to the next level. Entrepreneurs are rebels and gamblers. If you're going to work for yourself, you need to get comfortable with risk and uncertainty. But if you play your cards right, the payoff will be more than worth it in the end.

Is entrepreneurship in the cards for you in 2017? As a business owner, you will need to get organized quickly. Use the tools from STARTplanner to help you make a business plan, store the dozens of lists you will create, and set the goals that will make you a kick-butt business owner.


Thursday, 12 January 2017

4 Ways To Become More Outgoing by Challenging Yourself Daily

Becoming more outgoing can positively affect your life by giving you the leverage you need in your personal and business relationships. For some people being outgoing comes easily, but for others it can be a near-constant constant struggle. Whether you’re naturally outgoing or not, these steps should help you lead a happier and more productive life.
hit your goals by being outgoing
1. Smile at Strangers
Decide every morning to smile at anyone you see throughout your day. It might sound silly, but when you get a smile in return you will begin feeling more confident in no time. This first step might be the hardest for some particularly shy people, but stick with it and you will soon see all the benefits. In addition, smiling releases endorphins into your blood stream as well as the mood-lifting chemical, serotonin. Trying to look happy will make you feel happy, too!

2. Give Compliments Freely
After you spend one week smiling at everyone, it’s time to challenge yourself a little more. Make a goal in your STARTplanner to give five compliments a day for one week. While you could count the compliments given to your significant other, the goal here is to become more sociable with people you aren’t as close with. Make sure your compliment is sincere. You could say anything from “I love the necklace you’re wearing today” to “I appreciate how you always get your work done on time.” Once you start looking for opportunities to compliment the people around you, it will become much easier and you might decide to make a habit out of it when you get all those smiles in return.

3. Making Small Talk and Connecting with Friends
After you’ve spent a week smiling and added the challenge of giving compliments, it’s time to start making small talk with the people around you. Make a goal of talking to one stranger a day. While in line for your morning coffee, you can turn to the person behind you and make a comment about the weather. They will usually respond by being surprised, but will also be pleased by your kindness. Behaving more confidently is a big step in becoming more confident permanently. Now it’s time to ask yourself if there are any friends you haven’t spoken with lately. If so, why don’t you consider hosting a get-together? Or if that isn’t convenient for you, take the time to call your friends or go out with them more often.

4. Self-Reflection
If you take the time to fully immerse yourself in the steps above, you will find yourself feeling more confident. After a certain point is passed, behaving in a more outgoing way will stop being uncomfortable for you and will seem more like a way of life. Being more outgoing towards people you don’t already know will make you feel good and capable of anything, in turn making you both confident and truly outgoing. Once you have challenged yourself for three weeks with these steps, you will begin to sincerely believe you can do anything. This will lead you to holding yourself back less, and your insecurities will fade. The people around you will notice the change in your personality and will see it in a very positive light.


Top At Home Workout Programs 2017

If your schedule is tight, you understand how difficult it can be to make it to the gym, much less get in a quality workout. That’s where at-home workout programs come in. With today's technology, working out at home has never been easier.

These days you can get a great workout in when you have time in your schedule. At-home programs combine intense cardio and body weight resistance to improve your overall fitness in record time. They will also save you time over conventional gym workouts.

So get out your luxury planner and jot down one of these awesome programs to keep you in shape throughout 2017!

Core De Force

If boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and other MMA-style fitness programs appeal to you, Core De Force is your friend. In 30 to 45 minutes, you will get in your cardio as well a great core, arm, and leg workout. This heart-pumping fitness program started making the rounds on Instagram around the end of summer this past year and hasn’t stopped. Fans love it!

Focus T25

If you want a great workout in a mere 25 minutes, Focus T25 might be the fitness program for you. Shaun T, creator of Insanity, created this short, intense program for people on a tight schedule. It focuses on giving you an intense full body workout in record time.

22 Minute Hard Corps

Another awesome short program that is popular is the 22 Minute Hard Corps program by Tony Hornton. This program uses military themed training for a quick, thorough workout. If you need a boot camp or don’t want to dance your way to health, 22 Minute Hard Corp is a great option.


Another Shaun T program, Cize is a great workout for people who want to have fun while they get into shape. Cize offers a workout to hip hop music that will have you dripping in sweat and getting fit fast. It is low impact and fun, keeping you up to speed and engaged. It is a more advanced workout than programs such as Zumba. Consider this your warning.

Country Heat

If country music is more your style then Autumn Calabrese has you covered. She created the absurdly popular Country Heat. This dance program incorporates a full body workout while you shuffle through line dances and enjoy county music. Although this program won’t appeal to everyone, it will appeal to country music lovers who want to have fun with their workout.

Bikini Body Guide

BBG is an oldie, but a goodie. Kayla Itsines created the original BBG workout in 2008 at only 18 years old. Now, she is an amazingly successful fitness star that travels the world to exercise with her fans. This program starts out easy, but builds up to challenging exercises that chisel your abs, arms, and legs. This program remains challenging a decade later.

Quick Fitness on Your Schedule

The program you choose is not as important as the fact that it will save you precious time so that you can stay organized and live an active, healthy lifestyle. Grab your luxury planner and schedule one of these awesome body sculpting programs for you next workout session and have fun while you get in shape.
If it seems we love Beachbody workouts, its because we do! Check out their annual pass where you can stream all their workouts for one low price now!


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Why The 21 Day Fix Eating Plan Might Be Right For You

As each new year begins, people across the country make resolutions regarding health and fitness. Maybe you want to fit into those skinny jeans by Valentine's Day, run your first 10K, or reduce the amount of processed foods in your diet. The new year brings the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start, but it's important to give yourself an action plan to ensure your goals are met.

One of today's popular diet trends is the 21 Day Fix. Read on to discover three reasons why this eating plan from Beachbody might be your ticket to success in 2017.

1. Visible Simplicity
The 21 Day Fix comes with a color-coded portion control system. Everything you eat for the day should fit in one of the included containers. For instance, the large green container is ready to be filled with your favorite vegetables, while the tiny oil container ensures that you don't go overboard on the salad dressing.

One of the biggest benefits about this eating plan is that it is simple. You don't have to spend your day counting calories or trying to tally up points. Instead, fill your containers to understand how much you should consume at each meal. The program information also includes a food list that gives the nutritional value of many program foods.

2. Included Exercise
You already know that diet and exercise are the keys to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. The 21 Day Fix is a successful program for many users because it combines these two aspects. When you enroll in the program, you receive two DVDs that contain a total of six different workouts.

For the first two weeks of the Fix, you'll complete one 30-minute workout each day. During the last week, you can take your exercise to the next level by completing two workouts each day. Stay on track by scheduling each workout in your lifestyle planner.

Since all of the workouts are on DVD, you can complete them in the comfort of your own home. Don't worry about finding a babysitter and heading out to the gym. Instead, simply pop in your DVD and complete the workout at any time of the day.

3. Money-Back Guarantee
If another one of your New Year's resolutions involves spending your money wisely, you'll be happy to find out that the 21 Day Fix comes with a Money-Back Guarantee. You can return the product for a refund within 30 days if it's not a good fit for you, so you can feel better about investing in this program.

Whether you choose the 21 Day Fix or another nutrition program, staying motivated and organized is key. Use your lifestyle planner to track your workouts, compile your healthy foods grocery list, and jot down new workout ideas. When you commit to a program and give your best effort, you'll enjoy a healthier, happier life.
"We Don't Want You To Lose Weight... Just Tighten It UP..." That part just kills me!


Monday, 9 January 2017

Does Self Talk [Affirmation] Actually Work?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes! Just take a moment and think how we treat small children. When little Johnny makes a mistake, do we berate him? Do we remind him over and over throughout the day and week how horrible of a mistake he has made? Do we call him stupid, lazy, ignorant, a loser, or worse? Of course not!

Any parent knows that a child's self-esteem is fragile and needs to be handled with care. We don't need to coddle him to death, but facing the facts, learning from mistakes, and moving on are key components to a healthy life.

Now jump 20 years forward. Little Johnny is now a grown man. He works at a law firm downtown. He makes a mistake on a report. If Johnny beats himself up about the mistake, it does nothing but bring him down, decrease his work efficiency, and make him less desirable to be around, to mention just a few of the side effects.

Self talk is a real psychological event that takes place inside of one's own mind; and the results are evidence of the way we talk to ourselves. Who gave us the right to be negative, condescending, and mean to ourselves? Why do we do it?

Sometimes we do it because we were spoken to in this manner as children. Sometimes we just get caught up in the act of self martyrdom. For whatever reason it occurs, it needs to stop, and immediately! What's the big deal? So I beat myself up a little bit too much at times, what's the harm?

Actually, a lot! Negative self talk is the absolute worst type. This kind of emotional self mutilation is extremely destructive because it can lead to depression, poor working habits, end relationships, and even suicide. It is a serious problem for some people, but there is hope. Some training techniques have proven effective.

So, how can we train ourselves to think the glass is half full, and stop the negative banter with ourselves? Little reminders placed around your usual spots is a good place to start. A sticky note goes a long way when your standing in your kitchen, destructively replaying the day in your head. While your explaining to your self how stupid and unworthy your are, you look up and see that sticky note on the fridge reminding you to stop! Stop beating yourself up.

Simple daily reminders to adjust your thoughts can help in training yourself to talk better to yourself. Beating yourself up about not remembering to not talk negative to yourself is not allowed, by the way. Imagine if little Johnny could do little things to help him remember to talk nicer to himself. Wouldn't that be a good start towards something positive in his life?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to over inflate yourself by any means. We can however, be respectful to ourselves, not be overly dramatic, and realize that we are all mere humans that will always make mistakes. The good news is that we get to start over again, on a daily basis! Adding these simple reminders to your 2017 planner will go a long way. You and everyone in your life will notice a difference in you.


Friday, 6 January 2017

6 Reasons Why Stay At Home Moms Are Actually Super Heroes

Many people assume that stay-at-home moms can enjoy spending the day shopping or visiting the spa due to their lax schedule and easy lifestyle. Unfortunately, moms who are committed to caring for their children 24 hours a day often don't get breaks when it comes to carpooling children and changing dirty diapers. Those who want to get a better understanding of the challenges that come with staying at home with the kids all day should understand why moms are actually superheroes.
1. Moms Live a Selfless Lifestyle
Those who are busy raising kids are often forced to live a selfless lifestyle due to the chaos that comes with getting children ready for school and preparing dinner for the family. Due to a limited schedule, it can be challenging for moms to find the time to care for themselves when it comes to their own needs and desires. Although moms may be mocked for wearing their pajamas during the day or forgetting to do their hair, they understand the value of caring for their children's needs instead of their own each day.
2. They Multitask
Moms who stay at home are often skilled at multitasking when it comes to feeding the family dog to chasing toddlers around the house. They're capable of making dinner, doing laundry, and sweeping the floors to ensure that the home runs smoothly and the kids' are cared for. Although the tasks that they must complete can seem easy, it takes experience and skill to get multiple family members ready for the day after serving breakfast and packing sack lunches.
STARTplanner can make it easier to manage a busy schedule that includes picking up kids from soccer practice to helping the children with their homework each night. Moms can benefit from the Hustle planner, which includes sections that make it easy to meal plan, work on projects, set goals, create a grocery list, plan vacations and create a to-do list.
3. Moms Fill Multiple Roles
Moms must learn how to fill multiple roles to ensure that their children and spouse are cared for each day. Most moms must perform a long list of duties each day that includes cooking, cleaning, tutoring, counseling, and grocery shopping, which can be difficult to manage with unexpected events or incidents that occur during the day.
4. They Build the Future
Stay-at-home moms work hard to build the future by raising children who can contribute to society in the future. The decisions that they make determine the development of each child who is in their care and will ultimately affect society as a whole in future years.
5. Moms Don't Sleep
After having their first child, moms become accustomed to living off of a limited amount of sleep due to babies and little ones who are prone to waking up during the night. From nightmares to wetting the bed, there are plenty of reasons why moms are woken up during the night and must continue caring for their kids.
6. Moms are Compassionate
Stay-at-home moms work hard to remain compassionate and patient with their children after long days that can prove to be challenging. Whether kids suffer from a scraped knee or are bullied at school, moms are there to save the day and offer their support.
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